Male Habits That Can Make Women Feel Disgusted

So, you have met the woman of your dreams while hanging out on an adult dating website and getting ready for the first physical meeting. You must be extremely excited about the upcoming rendezvous; however, currently you should give your excitement a backseat and look for ideas that will bring your closer to the attractive woman and help you in entering an intimate relationship quickly. One such idea is consciously avoiding all the male habits that can make women feel disgusted. The section below will introduce you to three such male habits.

Excessive use of cologne:

It’s true that women easily get attracted to men who smell good. However, for that one does not need to use his favorite cologne excessively to keep on smelling good. Excessive use of cologne instead of attracting a woman towards you will create situations that every woman will love running away from; it might cause burning sensation in your partner’s eyes, may make her suffer from severe headache and she might even experience sudden allergy attacks. According to adult dating advicer, a woman might love going to bed with a man who stinks but she would never love cuddling men who finishes a bottleful of cologne to smell good.


You might have the bad habit of uttering the F-word time and again even during regular conversations. It is a good idea to do that when hanging with friend, but not with a woman whom you want to make love with. The majority of the women do not want their man to use swear words. According to experts, women feel that men who make use of such words time and again lack intelligence and there are few attractive women who will be ready to go to bed with a dumb man.

Bad breath:

We have mentioned that there are women who do not bother to make love with men who stink; however, you will not come across a single woman who is fond of bad breath. It is probably the biggest turnoff for any woman irrespective of their age, background and preferences. So, before going for a date, you should always brush your teeth well. We would advise you to keep on chewing a gum all through the meeting to avoid occurrence of bad breath. You can also use an oral spray to keep your mouth fresh.

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